Dual whatsapp for windows phone

You can use dual whatsapp by using the beta version and normal version. Here are the store links. Microsoft Store - Whatsapp Beta ยท Microsoft. I'm currently using 2 phones at the moment, a dual sim Lumia xl and a Lumia You would ask why I'm using 2 phones since I have a. Windows Mobile is a more secure and closed ecosystem. the beta version of WhatsApp on your phone you can have two accounts on your windows phone. Can I use two WhatsApp accounts on my dual sim mobile phone.

i wont to start dule whatsapp in my lumia how can i start it How to install dual WhatsApp Lumia any link ya something tell me now. If you want to have two Whatsapp accounts on one windows phone, doesn't matter if single or dual sim, there is now a way to realize it. sorry for my bad English i have Nokia Lumia i wonder if we have any tool to extract the xap from my phone, i have installed the beta.

If you want the very latest WhatsApp features on your Windows Phone or Windows Mobile device, you'll have to try out the WhatsApp beta. We support all Windows Phones that meet the following requirements: Your Windows Phone is running Windows Phone +. Your Windows Phone is able to.