Grails spock given when then

So just follow along and consult the Groovy documentation whenever .. features (called stories) are described in a given-when-then format. Spock is a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications. . The given: label is an alias for setup: and sometimes leads to a more A feature method may contain multiple pairs of when-then blocks. Blocks are a Spock native way of breaking up the phases of our test using labels. They give us labels for given when then and more.

It is the result of working through the steps presented by the guide and applying those .. In the then: clause, we use spock to verify the mock was called. With 1 * . The old() method can only be used in a then: block. With this method we get the given: final StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder('Spock '). when: builder Spock groovy Although it is a Groovy technology you can use it to test your Java classes Creating a test in Spock takes less time than using its standard . given: List list = Stub(List). List list2 = Stub() // preffered way. def list3 = Stub(List).

Spock can test both Java and Groovy, but in the case of Groovy it has . given, and, when, then labels that showcase the BDD sprit of Spock. I'm trying to write functional test with Spock and Geb. I want to use in one test method multiple blocks of when/then with where for each block. I don't see a reason to have where block here in your case. The second column has the duplication and can be extracted from table. Also from. We need basic configuration of Spock and Groovy dependencies (if you . Spock test layout and canonical divide into given/when/then parts.