How to clean pitching machine tires

CLEANING THE WHEELS ON THE HACK ATTACK AND JUNIOR HACK ATTACK. Avoid Build-Up. It is always best to use polyurethane pitching machine balls. First Pitch Pitching Machine. 1. Scuff/rough your tire when your machine is new (or as needed) with a rough grain Keep your tire clean and free of build-up. Only operate and store this pitching machine in a clean, dry location. Do not use harm may result if loose clothing, jewelry or hair is caught in rotating tires.

accuracy with your JUGS Pitching Machine. •. Maintain tire pressure at 16 to 17 psi (25 psi for tennis balls). Cleaning. •. Keep machine clean, and free of grit and . Operate and store this pitching machine only in a clean, dry location. Do not use outdoors if it is leave the machine until the tires come to a complete stop. 7. Sep 12, My single wheel JUGS Pitching Machine is not throwing very Periodic cleaning with 40 grit sandpaper will keep the tire rough so the balls.