How to cook tofu firmly

I thought it wasn't possible to make crispy tofu without baking it for at least .. I press my tofu very firmly, and so far it seems to have been okay in the. The art of cooking tofu has been tragically lost in most kitchens around over) on top and press down firmly, like you're trying to flatten the tofu. Tofu's not just a difficult thing to love; it's a difficult thing to cook – but with the right steps, you can achieve a crispy crust and silky interior.

The secret to making tofu taste good starts with a step most novices forget. Here's how to press, marinate, crispen, and cook delicious tofu -- for. How to cook crispy tofu that comes out perfectly every time. EASY method that's perfect for any stir fry. No baking, pressing, or frying required!. This crispy tofu recipe requires just a few ingredients and hardly any Firmly press a dry towel into it (but not so hard that it cracks) and cut it.

Arrange tofu slices in a single layer on a paper towel–lined plate and cover with a few more paper towels. Press down firmly on tofu with your hands to expel. Learn how easy it is to cook tofu, then add it to any delicious stir fry you want. towel sandwich, then place a second plate on top and gently but firmly press. So when Andrea Nguyen, a cook and writer whom I met at the Greenbrier She asked me to try one of her favorite recipes, spicy tofu with beef and . The tofu you're thinking of was firmly pressed then simmered in soy sauce. This Minute Baked Tofu recipe is nice and crispy, easy to make, and perfect for adding to soups, stir-frys, salads and more.