How to paint scales on body

Nov 13, How To Draw and Paint Mermaid Scales | IMPACT Books. Mermaid body types Mermaid Tail Drawing, Mermaid Art, How To Draw Mermaid, . Oct 22, how to bodypaint mermaid scales pictorial. fish monster • pastel face/body paint (scales, gills) • glitter •. More information. More information. 05/01/ Body painting - dragon scales and body horns (latex filled with soft foam).

This is a tutorial for the up-cycled fish scale effect using plastic bags! All you need is scrap paper, a one inch hole punch and a plastic bag! You iron it and punch. To apply the scales I used the back of a paint brush and doted the liquid latex I applied the scales as shown on my body map from the previous step, sort of. There are many types of scales, and when it comes to painting, each of going into detail because the scales will follow the shape of the body.