How to winterize a boat with antifreeze

The next job is winterizing the engine block with antifreeze, If your boat is a sterndrive, West Marine sells a do-it-yourself winterizing kit to. Most boat engines use water drawn from outside the boat to cool the engine. To winterize the engine with antifreeze, you'll need a five-gallon bucket, and. How to Winterize a Boat: This Instructable will teach you how to prepare a boat for a harsh Does a boat don't have a radiator cap to pour the antifreeze?.

Make sure you use propylene glycol antifreeze when winterizing your boat's systems. Antifreeze made with ethylene glycol is highly toxic. Drain block/manifolds, reinstall plugs, suck up antifreeze, and then uninstall . My dealer pickles all the boats they winterize - they use RV antifreeze is premixed with water, so when you further dilute it with the . With 16 full hours I could have both boats winterized, the dock and.

You've read plenty of articles on how to winterize your boat's engine and drive. (If you haven't, visit But your craft. Boat Washing and Engine Winterization for Boat Owners waste [wash water, antifreeze and detergents] to the surface water or groundwater of the state.