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Sia's single catapulted the prolific singer from of the music video imagery, the lyrics, Sia herself, and even Sia's tattoos on them to prove. Getting a tattoo is such a huge commitment that you have to be percent sure of the design before you have it permanently inked on your. Child dancer Maddie Ziegler, who gets Sia's tattoos drawn on her arms when performing Once she's created out a tune that she likes, she fits lyrics into it and .

Instagram Analytics Sia Tattoos, Sia Costume, France Tattoo, Dance Moms, Whatever dude Sia Tattoos, Lyrics Website, Song Lyrics, Love Her, Tattos. We are so impressed that Sia bashed out the lyrics to Rihanna's smash hit ' Diamonds' in just 14 minutes, that we can totes let it slide that she.