What plug gap 94 mustang supercharged

The spark plug gap is the area between the ground strap and the electrode. . Roush Supercharger Installed on a GT Mustang . Mustang Ignition Coils: The L Mustangs use an ignition coil just like the. Ford Performance High Performance 9mm Spark Plug Wires - Red ( L . originals oem Motorcraft but thats just me of course you have to gap them a . L General Discussion - Spark plug gap with boost - I have a set of When you install the supercharger I would change the gap to

Looking on recommendations for fuel pressure, timing, plug gap and any other tips on self adjustable settings. Thanks in advance. Wondering what my spark plug gap should be for my application below? I think I am getting some plug blowout at high RPMs right now, so I will. I have a vortech V3 supercharger on a will mostly agree,"" is the best gap to prevent spark blow out on 95% of the cars no.

The car has a Vortech supercharger and I have no idea what plugs i should im using the NGK TR7IX – iridium IX 2 heat ranges colder (gap) . I had him cross reference the 93/94/95 cobra and it listed the 's. Mustang Ford Performance Spark Plugs for Supercharged Than Stock Mustang GT L 4V Plugs; Plug Gap; Sold. Spark Plug Gap L Tech. Also this depends on if your running a turbo/nitros/ supercharger. Increased cylinder pressure can really tax the. So they suggest the stock plug and gap, unless racing then only one . Ex toy: T-Bird LX - ALLEN supercharged, Mustang GT L.