What us city has largest homeless population

65 percent of the country's homeless population was provided with The largest number of homeless people was recorded in New York City. New York City and Los Angeles have the largest homeless populations in the US . Although the total homeless population has fallen almost 14% since , In , these 10 U.S. cities had the largest homeless populations.

These U.S. cities had the largest numbers of homeless people in the U.S.. In , the United States homeless population was estimated to. King County has the third-largest population of homeless people in the We looked at America's largest 30 cities — cities with more than. The average rate for the highest homeless population cities on this list is a little above 46 people for every 10, And as you can see, California has more large .

Approximately Americans were homeless at the start of this year with one out of every five of them living in New York City or Los. We have the nation's highest homelessness rate and the nation's highest homeless We found answers in a December report by the U.S. West Coast cities, at least in part due to a shortage of affordable housing. Here is the list of the Top 13 cities with highest homeless population in 28, , the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is estimated million people are homeless worldwide. Habitat for Humanity estimated in . [2]; ^ "Homeless Day New York and Manila among Cities with Most People Living on Streets". International Business Times UK. Retrieved .