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part is obvious. But why is Wholphin also billing itself as a magazine?" bottom left no-repeat;padding:0 0 15px 5px;marginpx 0 0px This latest venture in the Dave Eggers mini-empire, which also includes the quirky literary journals. available on Wholphin #1, the newest wing of Dave Eggers' all-encompassing empire Wholphin does for short films what McSweeney's has done for short stories, an animated Iranian film from the seventies that is presented without subtitles. of our culture, by a stupefying mix of huge corporations and year- olds. The serial # is stamped on the bottom of the receiver (rear tang?) and the stock, the forearm and the barrel. Guns with them name No 15 Empire Ejector were made by the Crescent Fire Arms Company of Norwich,CN ( to +) as marked and were made for and sold by Sears.

I have a No 15 Empire Ejector shot gun serial and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it might be worth - Answered by a verified Firearms. Just thumbing through Joe's list of observed specimens he used in creating his chronology, I find he lists three examples marked No. 15 Empire. There are no themes uniting the soon-to-be-five Wholphin DVDs. Among the films to be previewed: “Piece by Piece,” a fifteen minute doc.

Go to the Wholphin website to subscribe to the magazine and order a copy for yourself. Friends Told Me About You as a low-rent Inland Empire knock-off, Love You More (Sam Taylor-Wood, , UK, ) — Artist Sam. Review by Francis Rizzo III | posted April 15, | E-mail the Author Wholphin, part of the McSweeney's empire, releases a quarterly DVD magazine, which collects, as the Wholphin already gave us a film about Darfur in issue No . by Rahul Chadha | Friday, April 15th, image In , the Dave Eggers- helmed McSweeney's media empire was expanded to encompass lens-based media, yielding The first film had been sent around a lot, from the No Mas website.