How does sharepoint work with iis server

Can someone briefly tell me what the difference is between Sharepoint and IIS? iis is a web server for publiching information or web pages . stated IIS is a prerequisite to run sharepoint as it runs on IIS and is built to work on top of it. 0. NET Framework, SQL Server, and IIS. A SharePoint site can only be hosted as a web site in IIS, (it is not compatible with other web servers) but. Each farm is associated with a SQL server database called a configuration In SharePoint, integration with IIS is done at web application level.

This definition explains the meaning of Internet Information Services, also known as IIS, and how the web server platform works. WFEs host the web applications (IIS web sites) that serve as the top-level sites for users, How Does SharePoint Work: Application Servers. So the question arises what is an IIS Web Site? IIS Web Site could be defined as an entry point in the IIS Web Server infrastructure. Default web.

You are here: Home / The tool was unable to install Web Server (IIS) Role . (or copied somewhere) for the prerequisite install to work properly!. Many versions of IIS exist, but if you are working on a server today, you'll typically be using , , , , or You can run more than one. Are you trying to install on Windows Server ? . What finally worked was starting and setting the IIS Admin Service to automatic then.