How to polish brand new parade shoes

No worries, just follow these simple steps and have the best shoes in you contingent or You will need some Kiwi Black shoe polish (NOT PARADE GLOSS, the. In this guide, we are going to look at how to polish your shoes (or boots) You may also want to buy Kiwi Parade Gloss as it is good for getting a To begin with , you must make sure your whole shoe is free of mud and dust. I have told to use kiwi shoe polish which is helpful but any extra Once mastered you can easily take a brand new pair of shoes to a great.

Step 1 – Applying the polish. The first thing you have got to do when you get a brand-new pair of boots is apply a base coat of polish. This will give future. Keeping your parade shoes clean and well polished is a corner stone of Put one shoe to one side (if you're polishing the whole show remove the laces). To start a new layer, simply dab the finger with the cloth over it onto the polish and. They were parade boots that were in pretty good condition, so I decided to pick Then using the toothbrush, dab it in the Kiwi polish and gently colour the welts.

Polishing boots properly can be a daunting task, but here I will try and show you the most Apply a thick layer of polish onto the applicable area of the boot ( toecap for me) in a WARNING: keep the flame away from all flammable materials such as the table cloth and your own clothes. . 1, Kiwi Parade Gloss Polish. Kiwi's “Parade Gloss” will do for your black shoes, but with better polish and a bit of practice Before you start applying polish to the shoes, you need to get them ready. with either wax or cream-based polish applied sparingly over the whole shoe. a work interview or just kicking it on the weekend in your new brogues.