Sleeping dogs how to unlock swat uniform

The SWAT Pack is a DLC for Sleeping Dogs. The pack "Twenty new and replayable cop missions, featuring a unique SWAT outfit & SWAT van." ―Official . Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition unlike the last game i don't have it in my wardrobe, where to i unlock the swat outfit? thanks:facepunch: <. I bought the SWAT pack, but the SWAT outfit isn't in my closet, and the SWAT van isn't in my garage. How do use them during normal play? I can do the Cop.

There is a SWAT outfit, which is only usable in the DLC mission. That mission is located next to the station, where you access the Cases. just wondering how do i unlock the swat tactical outfit (not the super swat one, already have that one) & the tactical outfit (i saw this in the. Dec 30, , Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Hit a couple of times and such but no outfit has unlocked anywhere.

DLC - Sleeping Dogs: DownLoadable Content is digitally Unlock the exclusive High Speed police mission featuring the SWAT Martial Arts Pack - A mission and the Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased melee damage). So i recently started up sleeping dogs again and installed all the dlc back such as SWAT pack, Year of the snake and ect. But one thing i.