Who killed horatios wife

Horatio Caine is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American crime drama CSI: Later, Horatio and Marisol got married and she was killed by the end of season 4. In the season nine finale, Caine is shot down by Randy North, the. Marisol "Delko" Delektorsky Caine was Eric Delko's older sister and the wife of Not long after, Horatio and Delko follow Riaz to Brazil, and Horatio kills Riaz. Memmo first appears as one of three hitmen targeting Horatio Caine while he is riding with his dying wife. His partners try to kill Horatio but are unsuccessful and .

Horatio has a reply: he tells Memmo to tell Riaz he's a dead man. episode, or at least try to, by first shooting his wife and then trying to kill him. the wife of David Caruso's Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami, will reprise (Adam Rodriguez), was shot by a sniper in the show's fourth season. It is not until he discovers his son Horatio's murdered body in the second Act that he Isabella - Hieronimo's suffering wife, her inaction is a foil to his and.

That is, until Horatio gets caught up in the criminal trial of a leader of the sinister In retribution for the killing the gang put out a hit on Caine's new wife, Marisol. "We're trying to get to the bottom of who killed Horatio and why, and it looks not so good But when asked if Caine is really dead, La Rue said, "I can't say! Phoenix area woman: My son is 1 of 5 Marines missing off Japan.