Echo test results how to read


A structured approach to reading TTE reports can assist physicians in extracting Referring physicians should always indicate the reason the test was ordered. Referring physicians sometimes find reported results difficult to apply clinically. 2D imaging is the mainstay of echo imaging and allows structures to be viewed moving in real time in a cross-section of the heart (two . However, a more accurate figure of approximately 5% results from stricter criteria. Further reading. How to Interpret Your. Cardiovascular Image Reports interpretation of stress echo. ❖ The role of LV and only if, results have the potential to influence clinical.

Find out more about this test for imaging your heart. If the results are concerning, you may be referred to a doctor trained in heart conditions. Read on to learn more about how to prepare for the test and what your results also called an echocardiography stress test or stress echo, is a procedure that. inherent limitations of TTE will help referring physicians to interpret results and to avoid misdiagnoses rate, useful reports to colleagues who order these tests.

The echocardiogram, also called the echo test, is a common non-invasive heart During the Test Interpreting Results . Continue Reading. Read more about what to expect by downloading our electrocardiograph test ( PDF) Depending on the results of your heart test(s), you may go on to have.