How cut metal siding


Regular maintenance of metal siding is needed as it may undergo decay. With proper tools, cutting metal siding is not a tough job to accomplish. There are many. I used to use a 7 1/4" metal cutting wheel on a circular saw. Works good, but wheel wears down fairly fast. There are also some good shear. An angle grinder fitted with an abrasive metal-cutting disc works well and snap aluminum siding and flashing to create straight, precise cuts.

Cutting sheet metal with snips can be tricky and frustrating. The edges are sharp, the cutoffs are stiff and get in the way, the snips bind or you just can't seem to. What works best to cut metal barn siding have tried skill saw fine blade mounted backwards didn't like way it cut and tried saws all with metal. I just pulled in a huge order of steal siding today that I'll be installing on the sides of a four story structure that I just framed. The main guy at the.

Looking to see what everyone prefers to cut metal siding with. Thanks Brent.