How to hit great chip shots


Alongside his two sons, Stockton teaches two shots: the low chip You can hit good shots that way, but it takes a lot of finesse--and practice. Aim – When aiming, there are two obvious targets you must hit to execute a great chip shot: Intermediate Target on Green — Where you want the ball to land. A solid short game can save you many shots on the golf course. In fact, a chip shot is like a mini-swing. The following fundamentals will help.

In golf, chips are short shots played around the greens with any golf club from a 5 -iron to a sand Try to see the shot in your mind's eye before you hit the ball. You hit a great drive down the middle of the fairway and nice approach shot just off the edge of the green. You then proceed to mishit the chip and leave yourself . A good chip shot can save you many strokes out on the course. On impact, hit down on the back of the ball making contact first with the ball, then the grass.