How to use t-bar applicator


These tools are designed for use with waterborne finishes and most other low viscosity floor coatings. They are not recommended for use with shellac or other. extension poles. T-bar applicator applies water based finish quickly to wood floors. The heavy weight version is for use with oil bases finishes. 18" wide. Heavyweight T-bar floor coater applies the proper amount of oil base finish to wood floors. By using the heavy weight applicator with oil base finishes, you.

Use the t-bar to apply the bulk of the finish, and a Padco applicator to pull out any puddles, making sure to go with the grain of the wood when you do this. T-bars. A t-bar with a synthetic sleeve is best to use with waterbased finishes. This is a great method for T-bar for applying hardwood floor finish getting around . I want to avoid using a roller, but strangely enough Lowe's and Home Depot don't carry them. I know Amazon has them but they're a few weeks.