Lg 450 how to text


Use these steps to use text to speech to have messages read out loud on the LG Set up From the Home screen, press the Menu key. Select Settings >. Use these steps to send messages on the LG On this page: Send a group message Send a new picture or video in a message Send a saved picture or. Learn how to customize text entry and default keyboard settings on the LG On this page: Text entry mode Text entry mode While in a text entry.

Learn how to block, delete and save SMS / MMS messages on the LG On this page: Delete picture messages (MMS) Delete text messages (SMS) Save. The LG fits comfortably in your pocket and features useful inner and outer displays that allow you to preview calls before answering. Text to Speech. Get information on the LG compact flip phone for Metro by T-Mobile (MS). Text and Multimedia Messaging; Mobile Web; Text to Speech; Senior Mode.

LG Manual Online: Text And Picture Messaging. Send a message 1 From the Home screen, press the Message Key. 2 Select a recipient or enter a phone. it will bring up folks you've TEXT. Select the names you want to remove, then Options. You can delete the contacts here, which removes them. I've been surfing the internet more than two hours today searching for answers to the same question, and I haven't found a more interesting.