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This year is the text message's 20th birthday. Dating coach Adam LoDolce calls this random text (which can also come in the form of "sup" or "yo") the "weak attempt." If a guy sends you this message before 8 p.m., it shows he's being proactive in his attempt to see you, LoDolce. Sometimes deciphering men's texts can be like translating ancient Greek. Is he really "LOL?" And when should you stop sending him that. Here are twelve signs that a guy is really into you, and maybe just hasn't and everyone is constantly searching for meaning in things that are actually In the tenuous beginnings of any romance, texting twice in a row is.

It's because he didn't put your name in his contacts. This is partially because putting your name in his phone basically means you're dating. Your 5 Most Confusing Guy Texts, Decoded Texting is hard. Texting with If it's meant to be, you can always circle back in the real world. If you've never wondered in terror what is means when it takes him four hours to text you back on a Wednesday night when you knew for a fact.

Our advice columnist answers your sex & relationship questions. Sad but true: Most of us are offensively boring via text ("wut up?"). Get his free guide for Cosmo readers, 9 Magic Texts No Guy Can Resist. Yes, he got your text. A three-hour wait before he texts back — or, hell, a five- hour-wait — does not mean that he thinks you are a heinous. First of all, guys don't usually put that much thought into texts; there's no point trying to figure out the "meaning" of a text that doesn't really have.