What is satay dishes


Satay or sate in Indonesian spelling, is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce. It is a dish from Indonesia and popular in Malaysia. Satay is a grilled meat dish famous throughout Southeast-Asia. Indonesia is thought to be the true birthplace of satay, but the dish was carried. Satay doesn’t actually mean peanut sauce - Southeast Asia’s favourite street food snack is a dish of skewered, grilled meat with infinite variations. Satay, or sate, a dish of skewered, grilled meat, is to South-east Asia what pavlova is to Antipodeans. In Indonesia, sate ayam.

Satay is part of a malaysian chinese food cuisine that has originated Satay is a dish that is made of grilled, seasoned and skewered meat. Chicken satay is a party favourite, thread the chicken pieces onto soaked bamboo skewers to cook on the Welsh rarebit. dish. FAQs about BBC Food. Sate (or more commonly known as Satay) is undoubtedly one of Indonesia's most famous dishes. It is also one of those dishes that most South East Asian.

Find how Satay Sauce became so popular, and how it got the name, and more about its association with Indonesian chicken satay dishes. 13 satisfying satay dishes. Chicken and beef satay is a definitely a family favourite. Serve it with noodles, rice or vegetables and you've got the perfect midweek. Satay (sate in Bahasa Indonesia) is a dish similar to kebabs in that it is made of cubes of skewered meat that is grilled and eaten with a peanut sauce dip. Discover delicious and easy to prepare satay recipes from the expert chefs at Food As an appetizer or a main dish, satay is delicious and easy to make.