Who is geico peter pan actor


Suddenly, Peter Pan calls out to his old friend Phil and flies over to greet him. When they meet GEICO TV Commercial, 'Peter Pan Reunion: It's What You Do'. Insurance . Doug Winfield. The kid is a talented young actor. Thomas Barbusca, Actor: The Mick. East Coaster Thomas Barbusca followed his older sister Brielle's footsteps in to acting when he was just a toddler. At 6 the. Thomas Barbusca is the bratty, wise-cracking Peter Pan in a new commercial for GEICO. Barbusca is the bratty, wise-crackin' Peter Pan in the new, wildly popular commercial for GEICO car insurance. According to ISPOT, the TV ad metrics website, it's the most-aired national.

There is such a thing as a Peter Pan complex but judging by his acting and his standing in Hollywood right now it doesn't seem like Thomas will have to worry. That Peter-Pan actor is representative of Geico as a whole. Actor/Wet Hot American Summer/AHS Hotel/ Peter Pan in Geico / Middle School Movie / The Mick every Tuesday on Fox instagram/aquatic-club.com

HomeĀ» Who is the actor in the Geico peter pan ad? Who is the actor in the Geico peter pan ad? Betsy Baker Geico Commercial "Peter Pan" That actor who plays the annoying flying Peter Pan in the Geico commercial. is on the new t.v. show, Preacher. Not bad. Expect big things from this one.