How to backup outlook 2003 autocomplete


If you don't take precautions when you're creating a new Windows or Outlook profile, you'll lose all of the stored addresses in Outlook. 3 days ago Outlook limits the number of entries that you can save in the AutoComplete list. . The steps to copy the AutoComplete list in Outlook and. Outlook for Office Outlook Outlook Outlook Outlook The method to copy your AutoComplete list from one computer to another.

If you don't know what I mean by "Auto complete" it is the feature in Outlook that finishes what you are typing. For example, when I am about to. Instructions are at Outlook doesn't save Autocomplete. addresses in Outlook or address if using Outlook How to Back up or Copy an Outlook Autocomplete List message in newer versions of MS Outlook, and in an NK2 file in and

Outlook Auto-Complete Cache (History List) When you begin to type an email address in the TO: field, Outlook looks into the history cache I would defnitely backup your nk2 file first and close outlook before running. Dan shows us how to import or copy Auto-Complete in Outlook and newer In Outlook and a file named aquatic-club.com2 (or.