How to change stats on ascended armro


Ascended[edit] insignia (armor) or inscription (weapon) with the desired stats in one of the Mystic Forge recipes presented below. Anthology of Heroes: 1 Knight's Intricate Gossamer Gossamer. The generic recipe for crafting an intricate gossamer insignia.

Changing stats on Ascended gear. Sarpan Which is why people craft baseline ascended armor and converts it to viper in the forge. 2. [edit]. Primary article: Stat changing. Ascended weapons and armor can be put into the Mystic Forge to change the. PUT THESE INTO MYSTIC FORGE: ASCENDED PIECE YOU WANT TO CHANGE + 5 ECTO + EXOTIC INSIGNIA/INSCRIPTION OF DESIRED.

Icon, Exotic prefix, Ascended prefix, Release, Stats, Jewel .. Ascended armor and weapons can be reforged in the Mystic Forge to to farm, but you can change the stats on Blood Ruby trinkets by spending unbound magic. Since updates were made to the Ascended Weapon system back in June, players are now able to change Ascended Weapon stats whenever.