How to clean silverado throttle body


While changing oil today, I decided I would also pull the throttle body (TB) to clean it. My truck only had about 18, miles on it, but I thought I. So I figured a quick throttle body clean might clear out some gunk then hooked it back up, started the truck and let it idle for a couple minutes?. Cleaning the throttle plate and throttle plate bore on the L, L, and L GM electronic throttle body is one of the most important routine.

From to , a throttle body-injected L V8 engine was used in everything, from the El Camino to the Silverado, making it widely found in cars and. The thing is, the dealer wanted $ to clean the throttle body!!!? Seriously, cleaning the throttle body on a L is a very easy thing. I was getting ready to install a CAI, I was thinking about cleaning my throttle body, should I remove my battery terminal to reset my computer?.