What your purse says about you


By looking at your purse, we can tell whether you prefer stability or making wild memories—and, to think, you were just worried if it matched. We often spend a lot of time trying to pick out which bag to carry on the daily, and that preferred purse says a lot about you. But not much. India says: "You would usually hold your bag in this way if the style of the bag requires it, like a clutch. But if a woman tucks a bag that has.

Your purse isn't just an accessory. Your purse style provides some insight into your personality. Take this test to find out exactly what your purse says about you. What does your handbag say about you? Every woman, from girls to grandmas, wants to look great and feel great about her handbag. After all, women lug their. Your purse speaks volumes about you. Do you know what it's saying? Is it telling the truth? Find out with this fun quiz! Take the quiz.

A great bag does much more than just house all your essentials or complete an outfit. The way you carry your purse can tell a lot about your personality. Are you a free spirit? The queen of organization? Your bag might say more about your personality than you may think. The style and way a woman holds her purse subconsciously says a lot about her personality. Think about the way you carry your favorite bag on the daily—do you typically grab it and arrange it on your arm (or shoulder) the same way.