Where are time bike frames made


TIME Sport International is a French manufacturer of bicycles and cycling equipment, including bicycle frames, cycling shoes, clipless bicycle pedals, cranksets, and gloves. TIME created the first automatic pedal to provide a freedom of lateral and angular float, TIME pedals claim to considerably reduce tendinitis. TIME road bikes and accessories, Made in France. Designed in Voreppe in Isère. Exceptional bikes and equipment from 30 years of research. Time factory tour + video: how carbon frames are made .. carbon; it's not there to enhance performance but to make the bikes' finishes clean.

Once upon a time an artisan would build a frame in their workshop and stick their name on the downtube, Did these guys make your bike?. The only difference is that the frame was made in Taiwan, not . for a period of time, the largest manufacturer of highend bicycles in the world. TIME does not rely on big marketing campaigns or an expensive race budget to make their name known but rather put their francs into building the best frames.

Is the frame made completely from graphene? Well, no. . It now produces and sells a road model (The Road), a time trial one (The TT), both in. Creating a carbon fibre bike frame that is equally light, strong, compliant, and safe is a time-consuming process. There was a time when that meant you were getting a steel frame, But it's still appealing to have a frame made to your specific requirements. It wasn't that long ago that frames were made out of cast iron or even wood. By the time the modern "safety" bicycle was developed in the late s most.